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Tips to Schedule Your Next Deposition

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Depositions are a key part of litigation. When conducted without proper planning, they can become needlessly burdensome. Below, we offer a few tips on how to ensure that your deposition runs smoothly. Reach out to our professional and comprehensive Phoenix court reporters for deposition services throughout the state of Arizona. Check and Recheck Schedules… Read More »

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How to Prepare for Your Next Deposition

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Many young attorneys cut their teeth on taking depositions. Before you ever go to trial, depositions are essential in gathering information necessary to prevail. Below, we offer a few tips for preparing for your next deposition. Reach out to our qualified and experienced Phoenix court reporters for deposition services throughout the state of Arizona…. Read More »

Professional team of multi-ethnic business colleagues having a video conference

Video Conference Deposition vs. Live Deposition

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has forced professionals in every industry to reevaluate how they can continue to perform essential tasks. Client meetings, depositions, and even court proceedings are being held remotely via teleconference and video conference. In many cases, folks have been surprised to learn just how much of their job can be performed… Read More »

Business people and lawyers talk and contract together. Signing of a contract in the presence of an attorney.

Do’s and Don’ts of Depositions

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Depositions can make or break a case. You can elicit testimony that will get you the settlement you want, you can unearth evidence that seriously undermines your claims, or you can waste time and miss out on your chance to get the facts you need from that witness. Below, we offer some tips on… Read More »

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How Do Court Reporters Transcribe?

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Court reporters are a regular part of litigation and all court proceedings. Many trained litigators, however, couldn’t tell you how court reporters actually operate. Professional court reporters are more than experienced typists–they utilize expertly-honed skills and rely on specialized equipment to accurately transcribe fast-paced, complex dialogue in real-time. Continue reading to learn about how… Read More »

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Deposition Questions in a Probate Case

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Debates over the proper distribution of a person’s estate can get heated and confrontational. As experienced probate attorneys know, probate matters mix finances and emotional distress into a particularly inflammatory concoction. The issues to a particular probate case may vary from interpreting terms in a will, to establishing a potential beneficiary’s relationship to the… Read More »


Deposition Questions for a Personal Injury Case

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Personal injury law covers a wide range of matters, but they generally all boil down to proving (or disproving) four elements: Duty, breach, causation, and injury. Personal injury plaintiffs often rely on demonstrating negligence to show duty and breach, tie that negligence to the underlying incident, and work to prove that the event actually… Read More »

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Deposition Questions in an Employment Case

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

There are various types of employment litigation, including workplace discrimination, wage and hour cases, and retaliation. Many employment cases involve allegations that an employee was wrongfully terminated, either because of their membership in a protected class or because they blew the whistle about some inappropriate or illegal conduct by their employer. The case may… Read More »

Young family in marriage divorce concept

Key Questions Asked in Divorce Depositions

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Divorce litigation can be tricky and contentious. Depositions of the parties involved in a divorce can be critical in reaching a favorable settlement or court decision concerning matters of property division, child support, alimony, and child custody. Below we identify a few of the critical areas for questioning we have observed in successful divorce… Read More »

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How Lawyers Can Avoid Burnout

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

The practice of law is one of the most stressful professions in the modern world. Lawyers are at high risk of developing problems with alcohol, as well as mental disorders, including anxiety, stress, and depression. Many lawyers feel burnt out after practicing for some time, having spent years dealing with the stress caused by… Read More »