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Serious lawyer make a closing statement

Effective Closing Arguments for Lawyers

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Our experienced court reporters have seen the best (and worst) of lawyer performances. Watching a jury respond to a truly captivating and compelling closing argument is immensely satisfying. Conversely, there are few things as frustrating as watching a strong case fail to convince a factfinder because the legal team failed to adequately demonstrate their… Read More »

Legal Transcriptionist

Features of a Reliable Court Reporter

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Accurate, reliable transcripts are a key part of any legal case. When you are looking to retain a court reporter, you need someone in the room that you can trust to faithfully reproduce exactly what is said, and to do so discreetly, professionally, and efficiently. A good court reporter allows you to focus entirely… Read More »

Close-up of ambitious business people closing a deal

How to Prepare Your Expert Witness for a Deposition and Testimony

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Expert witnesses can be a key element in a variety of lawsuits, from financial experts in securities litigation to medical experts in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Some experts have been put through the proverbial litigation ringer many times and operate as experts for a living. Other experts are newer to litigation and may simply… Read More »

Deposition – Folder with labeling, gavel and libra – law, judgement, lawyer

Helping a New Attorney Learn to Conduct Successful Depositions

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Conducting a successful deposition is a skill that most lawyers spend their entire career honing. While no attorney will depose a witness perfectly on their inaugural effort first-chairing a deposition, there are several strategies that more senior attorneys can use to help newer associates learn how to conduct a deposition. Read on to learn… Read More »

Communication Clear Concise Complete Correct Puzzle 3d Illustration

Clear Communication During a Deposition is Critical

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Despite the fact that videotaped depositions are growing in popularity, the purpose of a deposition is to create a written record of one witness or expert’s opinion on a topic, generated by the court reporter assigned to memorialize the deposition. Without clear verbal communication from the deponent, the facts or opinions the deponent is… Read More »

Judge gavel with Justice lawyers, Business woman in suit or lawyer working on a documents. Legal law, advice and justice concept.

Task Force Recommends Sweeping Changes to Arizona Legal Practice

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

A new report issued by the Arizona Task Force on the Delivery of Legal Services recommends substantial changes to the laws and rules governing the practice of law in the state. The report includes several recommendations that have been recently adopted in other states, such as softening the prohibitions on non-lawyers being partial owners… Read More »

Digital marketing. Businessman using modern interface payments online shopping and icon customer network connection on virtual screen. Business innovation technology concept

Technology that Can Simplify the Discovery Process

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

If you’re a litigator, you know the overwhelming feeling that can come during the discovery process. In the era of digitized records, it’s a common litigation tactic to flood the opposing side with reams of materials, leaving them with the struggle of locating the relevant information and keeping an organized record of what they… Read More »

Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, May 30 2018: Apple iPhone X with icons of social media facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat application on screen. Social media icons. Social network. Social media

Ways to Integrate Multimedia Technology into Your Trial Strategy

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

The days of attorneys relying on nothing but their dazzling verbal displays to win over a judge or jury during a trial have passed. These days, attorneys are expected to use a full array of audio and visual media to keep the court’s attention, not to mention the advantages gained from the persuasive power… Read More »

Hispanic woman working in home office

Setting up a Successful Home Office

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

More and more law firms are offering their attorneys the option of working from a home office. Working from home can involve a period of adjustment, but once you find the right office setup, you might find yourself getting more work done from home than in a busy office. Read on to learn some… Read More »

Plagiarism text typed on an old typewriter

Applicant to Court of Appeals Withdraws Application that Included Plagiarized Material

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

An Arizona attorney who was seeking a seat on the bench of the state’s Court of Appeals has recently withdrawn her application. The application was shown to include passages from recent US Supreme Court justice confirmation hearings that had not been attributed to the original speakers. Passages lifted from hearings for Gorsuch and Alito… Read More »