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What Are the Advantages of Realtime Court Reporting?

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Realtime court reporting is a service offered by certain sophisticated court reporting firms which allows participating attorneys to see a transcript of a deposition or hearing instantly as it is being created by the court reporter. Realtime can be a game-changer for law firms, saving your firm both time and money. Read on to… Read More »

Voice recognition with smart phone.

Why Isn’t Voice Transcription Just as Good as a Court Reporter? Here are Three Reasons

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Voice recognition software has come a long way in recent years. Some of us use it every day when dictating text messages to our phones or even asking our virtual assistant to turn on music or news. It might seem as though voice transcription technology could supplant the work of someone whose job it… Read More »

Hands typing on court reporting stenograph

How to Choose the Right Court Reporter for Your Needs

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Hiring a court reporter can feel like an overwhelming decision. In large cities, there are often many choices for court reporting services, and it can be difficult to differentiate between them. Choosing the wrong court reporter can have countless negative consequences and introduce many logistical hassles when planning for and conducting your deposition or… Read More »

Web-based chat between two business partners

Web-Based Depositions: What You Should Know

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Scheduling depositions can be one of the most challenging aspects of discovery. Witnesses may be scattered across the country, making in-person depositions extremely costly. The person most knowledgeable on corporate policies for a large organization tends to be someone with an already-overburdened schedule, who may be unable to commit time to traveling to a… Read More »

Interruption sign.jpg.crdownload

Ways to Minimize Interruptions during a Deposition

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

You may take months to prepare for an important deposition, spending hours compiling and rehearsing a list of questions that you believe will produce a record that will support your motion or trial argument. While you’re in the flow of asking questions, few things are more apt to throw you off your meticulously planned… Read More »

File that reads experct witnesses

Tips for Deposing an Expert Witness

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Every variety of witness requires you as an attorney to bring a different set of skills to the table when deposing them. Deposing an expert witness can be particularly thorny. Read on to learn some tips on how to depose your opposing party’s expert witness below, and contact a seasoned Phoenix court reporter to… Read More »

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January Events

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Phoenix and Scottsdale are on fire in January. It’s the place to be! Not only is our weather by far the best in the country this time of year, but there is fun to be had on every corner! Barrett-Jackson is putting on The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions in Scottsdale, Arizona, right now… Read More »

A stop sign that reads rules have changed.jpg.crdownload

Rule Change! Court Reporters No Longer to Tell Witnesses about their Right to Review the Transcript.

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

The Rules of Civil Procedure on a court reporter’s duties to inform a witness of their rights after a deposition have been revised in Arizona. Read on to learn more about the rule change and how it affects counsel for a witness testifying in an Arizona deposition, and contact an experienced Arizona court reporter… Read More »

Man holding cell phone

Tips for Making the Most of a Telephonic Deposition

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Holding a deposition over the phone is never ideal, but it may be a necessary concession to time, distance, and budgetary constraints. Advances in technology have made telephonic depositions a better option than ever before, but there are still ways that attorneys and court reporters can make telephonic depositions more successful. Read on to… Read More »

File that reads Objection with a gavel

When An Objection Is Objectionable

By Ottmar & Associates, Inc. |

Ask any attorney who’s been involved in litigation for any length of time, and they can tell you about depositions where it seemed like the defending attorney did more objecting to questions than their client did answering them. Objections are a critical tool in depositions, and litigators are permitted to make strategic use of… Read More »