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Features of a Reliable Court Reporter

Legal Transcriptionist

Accurate, reliable transcripts are a key part of any legal case. When you are looking to retain a court reporter, you need someone in the room that you can trust to faithfully reproduce exactly what is said, and to do so discreetly, professionally, and efficiently. A good court reporter allows you to focus entirely on proceeding with your case rather than logistical issues, transcription errors, or technical problems. A reliable court reporter is someone you can immediately forget because they did their job so well. Read on for a discussion of some of the most important features of a solid court reporter. Contact our experienced and detail-oriented Phoenix court reporters for court reporting and deposition services throughout the state of Arizona.

Accuracy and Detail

Possibly the most important aspect of a court reporter is their accuracy in faithfully recording the dialogue in a deposition. Exact words matter in the law, and even a misplaced article can completely change the meaning or value of a piece of testimony. Our detail-oriented court reporters have years of experience recording exactly what is said, to the letter, as best as humanly possible. The last thing any attorney wants to experience is believing they caught an amazing piece of testimony only to see it challenged in an errata after the transcripts are delivered.

Flexibility and Availability

Schedules can change as a case evolves. Emergencies happen. The coronavirus epidemic is a great example–many court proceedings must be pushed back as a result of quarantines and governmental directives. Our Phoenix court reporters are available to provide services at a moment’s notice, and we are flexible should something unexpected arise and a deposition or other proceeding require rescheduling.


Court reporters often hear about intimate details of important matters before anyone else in the public knows about them. Off-the-record information may be introduced at a deposition and then kept from the record based on the parties’ agreement. You need an experienced, discreet court reporter who knows how to ignore and forget private information they learn, whether that information is economically important, professionally damaging, subject to trade secret, or of a personal nature. Our court reporters know that what happens in a deposition or courtroom stays there.

Professionalism and Customer Service

Court reporting is a business like any other. When you are looking for someone to perform an essential function for your legal matter, you want to hire a professional, competent vendor that understands the importance of what you are doing. At Ottmar & Associates, we take every matter seriously, and we treat our clients with the consummate respect, dignity, and personal attention befitting the gravity of legal proceedings.

Quick Turnaround Time

After your deposition, you do not want to wait for months to receive an official transcript. You might want to start incorporating the statements of a deponent in a motion or other court filing as soon as possible. To use the testimony most effectively, you need to cite exact language from specific pages and lines. Important issues may become stale over time, and your opponent will have more time to undermine or preempt your arguments. Our court reporters are not only accurate–we are fast.

Reliable and Professional Arizona Court Reporters

If you need high-quality, experienced, and professional court reporting services in Arizona, contact the Phoenix offices of Ottmar & Associates at 602-485-1488.