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How to Choose the Right Court Reporter for Your Needs

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Hiring a court reporter can feel like an overwhelming decision. In large cities, there are often many choices for court reporting services, and it can be difficult to differentiate between them. Choosing the wrong court reporter can have countless negative consequences and introduce many logistical hassles when planning for and conducting your deposition or hearing. Find out more below about what factors to consider when hiring a court reporting service for your upcoming Phoenix deposition or court proceeding.

Questions to ask about a potential court reporting service

Find out if they have the type of facility you’d need

When scheduling a deposition, you may not only need skilled court reporters to transcribe the deposition, but also a space in which to hold the deposition. Find out if a potential court reporter has a conference room that will provide a quiet, professional setting in which to hold your deposition. If you need to provide remote viewing of the deposition for persons who can’t be present, find out if the court reporter can provide video conferencing equipment and a high-speed internet connection for you to use.

Ask about the software they use and the format in which the transcript can be delivered

Realtime transcription enables you to see the transcript that the court reporter is creating in real time on your own computer or device. However, not every Realtime software offers the same benefits. Find out if a potential court reporter offers Realtime services that will allow you to annotate or bookmark portions of testimony, and for people who aren’t present at the deposition to interact with the transcript as well. You should also ask about options for the format of the final transcript and whether it will include links to exhibits and a condensed version.

Learn whether the court reporter can arrange for interpretation and video recording of your deposition

Video testimony can be a powerful way to present testimony to a judge or jury when the witness isn’t able to testify in court. If you have reason to think that a witness or expert won’t be able to appear at your hearing or trial, see if your court reporter can produce a high-quality video recording of their testimony during a deposition. If a witness will need interpretation, find out if your court reporter can secure an interpreter for you, saving you from sifting through local interpreters to find a reputable and trusted interpreter in your selected language.

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