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Ways to Integrate Multimedia Technology into Your Trial Strategy

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The days of attorneys relying on nothing but their dazzling verbal displays to win over a judge or jury during a trial have passed. These days, attorneys are expected to use a full array of audio and visual media to keep the court’s attention, not to mention the advantages gained from the persuasive power of evidence presented in such an engaging manner. Learn about ways you can incorporate multimedia technology into your upcoming trial, and contact an experienced Phoenix court reporting firm for preparation help before an upcoming trial.

Trial presentation software can add visual interest to written exhibits

If you need to present evidence of a contract, patent, or transcript to the court, trial preparation software can help you make this content more compelling and easier to digest than simply displaying a wall of text. Products such as OnCue or TrialDirector allow you to organize your exhibits, highlight important passages in a document, and display text alongside video clips, among other features.

Use video deposition footage to impeach

Using a videographer to record your deposition can offer many benefits as you prepare for trial, such as allowing your team to see what sort of strategy might be most effective when questioning the witness at trial, and having a faster way to review testimony for any discrepancies. Presenting contrasting testimony for the purposes of impeachment is always a powerful tool at trial. It becomes even more powerful when the jury can watch the witness personally make statements during the videotaped deposition that contradict trial testimony.

Show the jury what your client’s post-injury life is like

It can be difficult to convey through testimony alone the impact that chronic pain or loss of full mobility can have on an accident victim. A “day in the life” video can offer the judge and jury a powerful look at how your client’s injury has affected how they move through the world and what things they can no longer do after their accident.

Be sure to practice multimedia presentations before trial

A multimedia presentation you create to use at trial is only useful if you’re able to present it in court. Make sure that the courtroom is equipped for the type of presentation you want to make or that you can bring the necessary equipment with you (as well as team members who can ensure the presentation runs smoothly at trial). It can be helpful to run through the setup of any equipment as well as your entire multimedia presentation during a mock trial exercise. A local court reporter office can provide you with the conference room space where you can practice your setup and presentation before the big day.

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