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Setting up a Successful Home Office

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More and more law firms are offering their attorneys the option of working from a home office. Working from home can involve a period of adjustment, but once you find the right office setup, you might find yourself getting more work done from home than in a busy office. Read on to learn some tips on how to set up a home office as a lawyer.

Dedicate space that will be used only for work

The first step in successfully working from home is dedicating a space in your home that you’ll use only for work. Make sure it’s a comfortable place to work that’ll keep you free from distractions. You should also ensure that you have room for all the equipment you’ll need to do your job, such as a comfortable office chair and a secure file cabinet to store confidential documents. You’ll be more productive in a tidy space that’s separate from the rest of your home. If you choose to work from your bedroom or kitchen table, you might end up feeling like you’re constantly on the job even when you should be relaxing.

Consider a secure cloud storage or remote access provider

One major concern for attorneys working from a remote location is information security. Not all home computers or wireless networks have the same level of protection as do law offices. By using secure cloud storage, such as a premium Dropbox subscription, you can ensure that your clients’ private information is protected from prying eyes, while also sharing documents with coworkers. If you’re only working remotely part-time and still maintain a desk at another office, consider using a secure remote access program, such as TeamViewer.

Designate set work hours and break times

When working from home, it can be easy to allow the work day to become the work night when you don’t have the cues of your coworkers leaving the office for the day. Make sure you establish set hours when you’ll be at your desk, both to keep yourself from working day and night, and so that your clients and coworkers know when they can reach you.

Find local conference room space you can use for meetings and depositions

If you’re working from home full-time, you’ll still need a professional space where you can hold meetings and depositions. It is important to find an office locally that you can use for large or formal meetings, or which have the equipment you’d need to give a visual presentation or hold a videoconference.

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