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The Benefits of a Mock Trials – Maximizing Your Success

lawyer in mock trial

Courtroom trials have become a rare event in the life of a civil litigator, and even lawyers who have spent years in the field may have never gone to trial on a case. Mock trials can be an extremely valuable tool to prepare you and your team for an upcoming trial, even offering benefits to your witnesses and increasing your overall chances of success. Read on to learn how mock trials can benefit you before a trial.

Prepare for the Realities of Testimony and Being Cross-Examined

Taking the stand during a trial can be a stressful experience, and that stress can be greatly exacerbated by heated cross-examination. Many people called as witnesses in a trial have never spent time in a courtroom, let alone testified, and they may become flustered or forgetful while on the stand. A mock trial can offer a chance for your witness to be exposed to the pressures of testifying so that their first time facing this sort of stress isn’t during the trial itself.

They Help You Understand How a Real Jury Will Consider Your Case

When you and your team have been living and breathing a complex case for months or years, it can be difficult to accurately assess the strength of the arguments you plan to make. You need an objective third party to evaluate these arguments, and a mock trial offers an excellent opportunity for this sort of evaluation. Try to avoid involving only other attorneys from your firm in the mock trial. Instead, see if you can involve a group that would be representative of a potential jury in your case, including non-attorney staff members at your firm, or complete outsiders to the legal profession.

Mock Trials Provide Valuable Practice of Litigation Skills

Only a slim percentage of cases go to trial, but the ones that do are often high-value cases where the consequences of winning and losing are great. Attorneys who rarely participate in a full trial thus need every opportunity they can get to practice these skills. Mock trials can provide one of the closest approximations of actual courtroom experience, helping you feel more confident and experienced when the time comes to conduct your own trial.

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