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Need Your Deposition Transcript Fast? Here are Some Tips on Getting an Expedited Transcript

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Whether due to scheduling conflicts, litigation emergencies or flaky deponents, there are countless reasons why a deposition may need to be rescheduled numerous times before it can finally be taken. These delays can mean that the taking attorney is up against a tight deadline for which they’ll need the transcript of the deposition, such as a deadline to file a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment. In these cases, the attorney may have an urgent need for the court reporter to expedite delivery of the transcript. Below, learn some tips and ways that you can ensure that you can expedite your deposition transcript when time is short.

  1. Let your court reporter know in advance: The best way to make sure that your court reporter gets a final version of your deposition transcript to you as fast as possible is by letting them know when you schedule their services. This way, they have the time they need to arrange their schedule so that your deposition transcript is at the top of their priority list. Asking for an expedited transcript only after the deposition has been taken will not be nearly as effective.
  2. Communicate clearly with your staff: In some cases, the assistant who schedules the court reporter for a deposition is unaware of the time crunch involved and does not communicate the need for an expedited transcript to the court reporter. Make sure that any staff members who will be working with the court reporter understand the deadlines involved, so that they are communicated to the court reporter.
  3. Make your expectations clear: Asking the court reporter to deliver a deposition transcript “as soon as possible” may not be as effective as you think. The court reporter may have five deposition transcripts ahead of yours, meaning that their “ASAP” is later than you’re imagining. Instead, ask if it would be possible to obtain your transcript by a specific date, so that you and your court reporter are on the same page.
  4. Ask for a rough draft: A rough draft of a transcript may have errors and spelling mistakes that would be corrected for a final version. However, if you’re truly in a hurry and need a transcript to work from while a finalized transcript is still being completed, ask your court reporter if they will provide a rough draft for you to use in the interim.

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