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Arizona Court Reporters Well-Versed in Realtime Technology

For many of our clients, Realtime reporting is a must. Although Realtime reporting has been around for at least two decades, it has kept pace with advancements in technology and remained on the leading edge of live transcription. With today’s Wi-Fi internet access and powerful handheld devices, using Realtime reporting can help you get the most out of your deposition with the greatest ease and efficiency. The reporters at Ottmar & Associates are well-versed in Realtime reporting and can provide you with excellent service should you require Realtime.

What is Realtime?

In order to be able to keep up with recording a normal conversational pace, court reporters use shorthand notation, which must later be manually transcribed by the reporter into a transcript that is fully-readable by the attorney or layperson. Realtime reporting obliterates the lag time between recording and transcription by using computer software to transcribe the reporter’s shorthand notes into English in “real time” as it is being recorded.

With networked computers or a conference room equipped with Wi-Fi, this realtime transcription can be sent to the computers of the attorneys and their entire legal team as the testimony is being recorded. Software enables the attorneys to not only read the testimony as it is being recorded, but also to bookmark and annotate the transcript in the moment. This capability greatly enhances the utility of the transcript for later legal strategizing and litigation purposes.

Realtime technology enables collaboration with the entire litigation team as the deposition is happening, regardless of whether team members are on-site or in a remote location.

All the Leading “Real Time” Technologies Available to Meet Your Needs

The reporters at Ottmar & Associates are familiar with Realtime reporting using many different applications, including Case Notebook, CaseViewNet, and Summation. Our professional reporters are experienced in all the latest and best applications to let you view and annotate testimony as it occurs during your deposition or other legal proceeding. Click here to schedule your deposition online, or call Ottmar & Associates in Phoenix at 602-485-1488, or in Arizona statewide at 866-485-1444.