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An Overview of Arizona Court Reporting

Court reporters are the official creators and custodians of legal proceedings in the American judicial system. An Arizona court reporter creates and maintains the official record a legal proceeding in the state, be it a courtroom hearing or a deposition taken outside of court. The court reporter records everything that is said during the proceeding and prepares an official transcript which is presented to the court and/or the attorneys of record. The court reporter also archives the transcript and retrieves it as needed, or makes it accessible to interested parties.

Historically, the official court reporter transcribing courtroom proceedings was an employee of the county, state or federal government operating the court system. Independent court reporters later emerged to create transcripts of depositions or other legal proceedings which occurred outside the courtroom. Today, even official courtroom court reporters may be independent court reporters who contract with the court system. Whether transcribing a courtroom hearing or out-of-court deposition, independent court reporters are officers of the court who take their duty and their profession very seriously.

The Best Court Reporters Use the Latest Technology

The profession of court reporting has constantly evolved as technology has advanced to help professional court reporters produce and deliver court transcripts faster and in ways that are ever more useful to attorneys in litigation. Court reporting has advanced from written shorthand and stenographic machines to recording proceedings (tape transcription) or repeating what is said in court into a specialized device for later transcription (mask reporting). Today, technologies allow court reporters to capture and transcribe proceedings in real time. In conjunction with LiveNote and other case management technology, real time transcription and reporting allows the attorneys in a deposition to review and mark up or annotate the transcript as it is being created. This technology improves the effectiveness of the deposition as it occurs as well as its use later in case preparation and at trial.

Court Reporting and Litigation Support in Phoenix

Moving beyond legal transcription services, the Phoenix court reporters at Ottmar & Associates provide a range of litigation support to local Arizona attorneys or lawyers from out-of state with litigation in Arizona courts or needing to depose a witness in Arizona. Our court reporting agency provides an on-line document repository and on-line office to enable remote access to case documents in PDF format, along with conference rooms, video conferencing and a full range of legal transcription services. Our state-of-the-art office is equipped for video depositions, and we can arrange for foreign language interpreters as needed. Our Arizona court reporters are not only fully proficient in English language and grammar rules but are also familiar with medical, engineering and other scientific terminology and jargon from a host of industries and occupations. Count on our Phoenix court reporters to keep up with the speed of your deposition and deliver fast, accurate transcripts.

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