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Court Reporting / Video Conferencing / Transcription
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Full Service Phoenix Court Reporters Offering Interpreters & Videography Services

The Phoenix court reporting agency of Ottmar & Associates is here to help you make the most of your Arizona deposition and trial preparation. To that end, we offer interpreters and videography as needed. Simply let us know your needs when scheduling a deposition, and we will be sure to be ready for you when you arrive.


We can arrange to have interpreters present to assist in your deposition. Simply indicate your need and target language when scheduling a depo through our on-line office. Never used an interpreter in a deposition before? Consider these tips:

  • Utilize our conference room to meet with the interpreter before your depo. It helps to build a rapport and give the interpreter an opportunity to get familiar with your way of talking before the deposition begins.
  • Let the interpreter know a little about the case and the role of the deponent. Let the interpreter know that you are expecting a direct translation of your question and the witness’ answers.
  • You may want to review the questions you will be asking with the interpreter in advance. This gives you the opportunity to go over any unfamiliar technical terms and make sure you are both on the same page regarding their definitions. Some terminology or important keywords can have different meanings depending upon how they are translated. You want to make sure your question is properly understood by the deponent, and that the response is accurately translated.

Our Phoenix court reporters are experienced in working with translators and can help to make your deposition go as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Do you need to have a video record of your deposition? Simply select the videographer option when scheduling your depo, and our full-service Arizona court reporting agency will take care of the rest.

Why opt for a video deposition?

  • Depositions can be used when a witness is unavailable to testify at trial. In that case, a video deposition can be much more impactful to a jury than a dry, written transcript. Is your witness elderly, ill, institutionalized or far away? If you think he or she may be unavailable for trial, consider recording a video deposition.
  • How something is said can be just as telling as the content of what was actually said. Also, body language is a language of its own and can communicate as much as words themselves can. Let the judge and jury see for themselves if your witness was responsive to your questions. Did they appear comfortable or nervous, did they sound truthful or insincere, were they cordial or hostile? How did they respond to attacks from the other attorney?
  • The best experts are often the busiest ones. Your case may hinge on expert witness testimony, but the expert’s schedule may not allow him or her to come to court on your trial date. Additionally, you may be needing to keep a close eye on the costs in your case, and a far-away or in-demand expert may be too expensive to bring in for the deposition and again for trial.
  • Video depositions are simply more dynamic and engaging and have more of an impact than written transcripts.

Let Our Phoenix Court Reporters Take Care of All Your Deposition Needs

Contact Ottmar & Associates today to schedule your Arizona deposition. Let us know if you need an interpreter or videographer, or if you have any other special requests, and our Phoenix court reporters will be happy to accommodate you.