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Use and Share Perfect Copies of Your Arizona Depositions with PDF Transcripts

At Ottmar & Associates, our Phoenix court reporters turn around your deposition transcript in Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF file is an electronic image of text and graphics that displays and prints the same way on any computer, regardless of differences in hardware, software or operating system. Unlike a word processing document, the fonts used in a PDF file remain embedded in the document and do not require the viewer to have the same fonts installed on the native computer used to view the document. You don’t have to worry about the fonts on your desktop versus your laptop, or whether you have a PC at the office and a Mac at home. And no matter who the PDF gets shared with, all will view it the same way.

PDF files do more than reproduce the text and graphics of a document; they can also include hyperlinks to Internet web sites, interactive buttons, embedded fonts and video. Annotate and markup the PDF transcript for your own notes to make research easier, add links to websites that may be valuable resources in your case, and link up your exhibits to relevant portions in the deposition. If you are concerned about authenticity when making copies, a PDF prints exactly like the original document as you see it on your computer screen.

Review Your Phoenix Deposition Transcript Efficiently and Effectively

Our Arizona court reporters deliver deposition PDF transcriptions including both a full-sized transcript as well as a condensed transcript (traveling transcript) for quick viewing and easier copying/faxing. Each transcript comes with a searchable word index, printable word index, and linked exhibits.

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If you need to take a depo in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona, click here to schedule a deposition quickly and easily on-line, or call Ottmar & Associates in Phoenix at 602-485-1488 or statewide at 866-485-1444. Our team of qualified and experienced Arizona court reporters are ready to serve all your court reporting and litigation support needs.