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Court Reporting / Video Conferencing / Transcription
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Phoenix Court Reporters Offering Video Conferencing and Litigation Support

The Phoenix court reporting agency Ottmar & Associates offers fully-equipped video conferencing capabilities for your convenience. Whether traveling to Phoenix for a deposition and leaving your law firm far behind, or deposing an expert from out of state who can’t travel to Arizona, our video conferencing center is here to make your life easier.

Communicate with Experts, Wherever They Are

Your case may rely on expert witness testimony as a key component. Often, the best expert is far away and must travel to your location to take a deposition, testify in court, or review a location or exhibit in person. Depending upon the circumstances, you may or may not want to conduct a video deposition with your expert. Also, your expert may need to visually inspect exhibits which may or may not be mailable or adequately reproduced with photographs. Video conferencing can solve many of these problems, enabling you to communicate more clearly and effectively with your expert pre-trial, without having to go the expense to bring them in as often.

Trial Lawyer, Phone Home

As an out-of-town attorney in Phoenix for a deposition or trial, it is common to feel isolated and cut off from your firm far away. Our videoconferencing services let you work with your firm and support staff directly from our office to your firm’s office, no matter where that may be. Share exhibits and documents with your paralegals or other attorneys on the case, and participate in case management and status conferences with your firm. Whether you are from out of town or out of state, the videoconferencing rooms at our Phoenix court reporting offices enable you to stay in touch with your firm and have all the litigation support you need.

Our Phoenix Court Reporting Agency Connects You with the World

When you come to Phoenix for a deposition or trial, make sure you have access to high-quality video conferencing and other litigation support to help you win your case. Call Ottmar & Associates in Phoenix at 602-485-1488, or toll-free throughout Arizona and beyond at 866-485-1444, and find out what our court reporting agency can do for you.