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3 Productivity Tips for Lawyers in 2019 – Ottmar & Associates

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The new year is a time when many of us take a look back at the year that has ended and the year ahead. It’s a chance to ask ourselves about the habits or practices we want to leave behind in the year that has ended, and the ones we would like to develop in the coming year. Time management is one skill that just about every attorney wishes they had in greater measure. Learning how to make better use of the time you have is a skill that you can develop which will allow you get more done in less time. You’ll find helpful tips on maximizing productivity as a lawyer below.

Productivity Tips for Lawyers

Multitasking may do more harm than good: Research has shown that constantly switching between different tasks can do long-term damage to your ability to focus on a single item. Researchers also find that switching between tasks imposes a time penalty, requiring the worker to spend several minutes re-establishing focus on the switched-to task. A habit that many people develop to save time thus ends up eating away at productivity, wasting as much as 40% of time spent working. Instead, set aside blocks of time to focus on one task at a time, allowing yourself to ignore emails or calls that come in during that time so that you can engender deep focus on that one task.

Delegate everything you can: If you’re a solo practitioner or partner at a boutique law firm, you may be accustomed to handling every aspect of your practice yourself, from making courtroom appearances to handing social media marketing to answering the phone. But by spending time on non-billable tasks, you may ultimately be harming the long-term success of your practice. Try to delegate all non-essential tasks to your staff, even if you think you’d do a better or faster job yourself. Solo practitioners should consider using a virtual receptionist to handle calls and a legal marketing specialist to make sure that more clients are coming in while you’re handling the existing caseload.

Create detailed to-do lists that include time frames: Many productivity experts advise that, by writing down all that you want to accomplish in your day or week rather than simply keeping these items in your head, you can clear mental space for the work itself. Including time frames will help you stay on track and also help you avoid the curse of Parkinson’s Law, which states that a task will expand to fill the amount of time you’ve earmarked for its completion.

Fast, efficient court reporting and litigation support can also enhance the productivity of your law practice. If you’re in need of court reporting services in Arizona, contact the professional, detail-oriented and experienced court reporters at the Phoenix offices of Ottmar & Associates at 602-485-1488, or toll-free statewide at 866-485-1444.