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Web-Based Depositions: What You Should Know

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Scheduling depositions can be one of the most challenging aspects of discovery. Witnesses may be scattered across the country, making in-person depositions extremely costly. The person most knowledgeable on corporate policies for a large organization tends to be someone with an already-overburdened schedule, who may be unable to commit time to traveling to a deposition site far from their corporate offices. Additionally, when multiple parties are represented by their own legal counsel, there may simply be more people with an interest in sitting in on the deposition than could practically fit in a single room.

The benefits of web-based depositions

For countless reasons, a web-based deposition may be the perfect solution for the logistical challenges that have made scheduling an in-person deposition an impossibility. Web-based depositions allow you to depose far-flung witnesses at a substantially lower cost to the parties than forcing one side to spend time and money traveling to the deposition. Streaming a deposition online allows impleaded parties or other third parties with an interest in the outcome to view the deposition in real time, rather than being forced to wait for the transcript. As an added benefit, many online platforms will allow you to record the streamed deposition, providing a video record of the proceedings that you can later reference in court.

Plan ahead for a successful web-based deposition

Even when holding a deposition online, it’s important for the deponent and the attorney taking the deposition to be located in facilities that use dependable high-speed internet connections, the latest computing technology, high-quality video, and skilled court reporting services to ensure that the deposition results in an accurate transcript. If you’re scheduling a deposition at the offices of a court reporter located outside your area, be sure to discuss what platform the reporting service uses for web-based depositions, and how they can ensure a smooth connection that will prevent as many interruptions as possible. Plan ahead to ensure that the witness is provided with a way to view the exhibits that the taking attorney plans to reference during the deposition, whether this requires providing paper copies or a means of viewing the exhibits digitally.

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