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What Are the Advantages of Realtime Court Reporting?

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Realtime court reporting is a service offered by certain sophisticated court reporting firms which allows participating attorneys to see a transcript of a deposition or hearing instantly as it is being created by the court reporter. Realtime can be a game-changer for law firms, saving your firm both time and money. Read on to learn why you should consider using Realtime during your next hearing or deposition, and contact the seasoned Arizona court reporters at Ottmar & Associates for more information on this service.

What advantages does Realtime offer?

Realtime can help you save money by limiting travel expenses. Many firms find that having more than one attorney present at a deposition means that they can catch more opportunities for new lines of questioning or catch inconsistencies in a witness’s testimony. If the deposition is occurring in another region or state, however, flying out more than one attorney may not be realistic. With Realtime, law firms can have additional attorneys monitoring the progress of the deposition from a remote location alongside the attorney who is present at the deposition or hearing, offering suggested lines of questioning or other observations via instant message applications to the attorney who is present.

Realtime means you can begin reviewing your transcript sooner. In the past, law firms were forced to wait for an official transcript to arrive from the court reporter to begin reviewing deposition testimony. When you choose to use Realtime transcription, you’ll receive a rough transcript immediately. In fact, attorneys can flag noteworthy testimony immediately after it is spoken by simply noting the line number in the Realtime transcript.

Realtime can speed up depositions and hearings. Delaying or interrupting proceedings to ask for a question to be repeated or to take notes can make a long deposition or hearing even longer. Realtime can help attorneys avoid taking as many notes by providing them with the chance to simply write down line or paragraph numbers from a transcript. If an interpreter is present, Realtime offers the added benefit of allowing the interpreter to reread an attorney’s question on the Realtime transcript rather than interrupting the proceedings to ask for a question to be repeated.

Realtime allows you to make instant corrections. If the court reporter makes an error, Realtime makes it easier for the transcript to be instantly corrected. Rather than having to submit a written request for an alteration to an official transcript, if attorneys notice an error in a Realtime transcript, they can correct it immediately in the presence of the witness and opposing counsel.

If you’re in search of qualified, professional, and seasoned Arizona court reporting services, contact the Phoenix court reporters at Ottmar & Associates, Inc., at 602-485-1488 or 866-485-1444.