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Why Isn’t Voice Transcription Just as Good as a Court Reporter? Here are Three Reasons

Voice recognition with smart phone.

Voice recognition software has come a long way in recent years. Some of us use it every day when dictating text messages to our phones or even asking our virtual assistant to turn on music or news. It might seem as though voice transcription technology could supplant the work of someone whose job it is to write down every word spoken during a hearing or deposition.

If you have an upcoming deposition and are planning out your budget, you may be wondering whether the services of a court reporter are truly necessary, or if a piece of technology could take their place. Read on to learn three reasons why court reporters are still the best choice for documenting your important legal hearing or deposition.

1. Voice recognition technology still has a long way to go

Think about how often you need to correct errors made by the voice transcription software on your phone when you dictate a text or email, and imagine what would happen if that same technology was tasked with recording an entire deposition.

2. Voice transcription software can’t differentiate between similar-sounding words or varieties in pronunciation, nor can it recognize its errors

Court reporters can provide real time transcripts to participants in a deposition, offering attorneys a chance to notice and correct errors by speaking with the court reporter. Without paying someone to operate the voice transcription software, these features are unavailable without a court reporter being present. A court reporter’s ear can also differentiate between similar-sounding words based on context, as well as different accents and pronunciations of the same words, that voice transcription software would miss.

3. Voice transcription software can only handle one voice at a time

Voice transcription software typically requires time to adjust to a new speaker’s voice, accent, and patterns of speech. One major flaw with the current technology is that it does a poor job responding to new speakers, so such software would be incapable of recording each different voice involved in a deposition equally well.

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